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Tempered Glass is Stronger, Safer, and More Versatile.

Tempered glass is a heat treated safety glass designed to protect you, and your loved ones from serious injuries. The sheets of glass are placed through a furnace that heats up to 720°C. The glass is then rapidly cooled by a series of high pressure air nozzles. Tempered glass is far more resilient (4 to 5 times) than normal glass in the event of impact. It is designed to fracture into small pieces that significantly reduce the risk of injury. The most commonly encountered tempered glass is used for side and rear windows in automobiles, store entrances and patio doors. Tempered glass is also used in buildings for unframed assemblies such as frameless windows, doors and shower enclosure. TANIC Inc. supplies and installs tempered glass in different thickness raging from 3mm to 12mm.

Float Glass after impact, you can see the glass breaks into larger pieces making it prone to injuries.

Tempered glass after a severe impact, you can see how the break happens. If it were to break on you, the pieces are a lot smaller than the Float glass causing no serious injuries.

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