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When it involves windows, most people are drawn to the architecture of the window and the overall design of the frame. However, the glass itself is among the most crucial components for the window’s effectiveness and functionality. The best glass for windows comes in a variety of alternatives that will optimize your investment, including strength, insulation, and surface treatments.

The ideal kind of glass panels to use in new windows is crucial, whether your goal is to increase energy efficiency or allow more natural light. Rooms without the proper glass can get extremely hot in the summer and extremely frigid in the winter. This might increase your annual heating and cooling expenses and result in an uncomfortable living environment.

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Types of glass for home windows

Glass is a basic component of architecture and design, seen in everything from gleaming skyscrapers to quiet residential areas. Since window glass satisfies both functional needs and homeowners’ desired aesthetic, it has been utilized since ancient times. Glass gives any structure a distinct beauty while being both practical and long-lasting. One can easily replace a broken glass window in case any issue arises.

Here are the most commonly used glass panels for residential windows –

Tempered Glass

Tempered window glass is made using extra-strength glass that is rapidly heated and chilled to extend its longevity. It is the most often used sort of glass since it is specifically made to be stronger than other types.  Tempered glass is usually four times as durable as regular glass. It also has a high degree of heat resistance and is made to fuse together in the unlikely event that it breaks. A Toronto window glass repair or replacement company can help fix it with ease.

Also referred to as safety glass, it is ideal in any location where someone could fall into or close to it unintentionally. Tempered glass is frequently utilized in large windows and doors that are close to a busy area.

Float Glass

This is the forerunner of all contemporary glass remedies and window glass substitution. It is a simple glass sheet. Glass on float is not updated or treated. It is a cheap, clear glass that is typically used as the foundation for your window.

This one is the least expensive and lacks a natural tone. It is one piece of glass that, when struck forcefully, fractures into sharp fragments. Float glass can, however, be reinforced by a variety of chemical methods. After it is improved, it might be utilized in windows with one or more panes or even two panes. Untreated plain float glass is usually less expensive and more brittle.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is thought to be the best safety glass since it is stronger than tempered glass. A thin plastic sheet is sandwiched between two panes of glass to form laminated glass.  If it breaks, it stays inside the boundaries of the plastic rather than breaking apart and scattering everywhere. Because of its multiple layers of protection, this glass is also perfect as a sound buffer. Windscreens on automobiles, hurricane windows, and windows in office buildings or high-rises are a few instances of laminated glass. It is easy to replace a broken glass window when it is laminated.

Patio doors, balcony enclosures, and other locations where glass breakage could be dangerous are common uses for laminated glass. When it breaks, this glass will crack but it will stay inside the frame. You can hire a Toronto window glass repair and replacement company to fix this issue.


A home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance can be greatly impacted by its windows. The improper window glass might cause extreme heat in the summer and cold weather in the winter in your house.

However, the correct glass can help you make the most of your windows and maintain a comfortable environment all year round.

Various temperatures, solar exposure, and customer requirements are all crucial factors to consider when choosing the right window glass for your area. You cannot meet all of your needs with one style of glass. Selecting the appropriate kind is crucial, and since several kinds of glass will be required throughout your house, you should consult a window company like Tanic. Contact us today!

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