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Polycarbonate Lexan Plexiglas
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plexiPlexi/Polycarbonate is one of our most successful security products yet. It is not glass but it looks just like it, and it comes in 2 different colours clear & white. Polycarbonate is produced by the reaction of biphenyl A (BPA) and phosgene (COCl2). A balance of useful features including temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties position polycarbonates between commodity plastics and engineering plastics.
plexi2 has high impact-resistance, it has low scratch-resistance making it easy to have permanent scratches. The most common use of Polycarbonate in the glass industry is for store fronts with a low level of loiterers, convenience stores, or commercial properties that have often got broken into. Tanic Inc. supply and install different thickness and colour of Polycarbonate

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